Franchise Opportunities ¨C come and join our network of Franchisees

At Bliss House we are convinced that the Franchise process is the best way for expansion and is fast becoming the business of the new century.

As such, an International Franchise Division has been established and a Franchise Director appointed, because we believe that our A to Z  comprehensive  franchise program which was prepared by a professional consultancy firm, in both the Arabic and English language is complete and includes :  


1.  Training using the ¡° TTT - Train The Trainer¡± method

             a. Training Manual for ongoing training before, during  and after opening.
             b. Pre-opening assistance
             c. Post-opening assistance
             d. Role play and simulation

2. Human Resources Elements    

             a. Organizational structure & job descriptions
             b. Policies & procedures
             c. Accounting procedures

3. Restaurant design and Pre-project plans.

MODULES : There are TWO modules to choose from.

             a. New concept design
             b. Assistance with the purchase of fixtures and furniture

4. Execution plans            

             a.  Assistance from our project coordinator

5. Operations covering the latest F & B areas - QSC

             a. Operations Manual with regular updates
             b. Establishment of a central Distribution Center
             c. Finding product suppliers
             d. Marketing aids & strategies
             e. Assisting with the advertising plan

6. Legal aspects Establishing the franchise package for future plans            

             a. The Uniform Franchise Offer Circular
             b. The franchise agreement.

7. The key personnel at Bliss House are

Mr. Yehyia  Khalifeh , Mr Kamal Khalifeh , Mr Mohamed Khalifeh and Mr Ahmed Khalifeh

             In closing, the benefits of joining the Bliss House International Franchise network include efficient set-up and operations, intensive training; site selection assistance; ongoing field support; local store marketing and promotions; a research and development division; public and community relations programs; advertising; comprehensive training and support. 

             It is our ¡°know how¡± to select the best quality food and packaging that you will be receiving when you are granted a Franchise, and our experience on how to run a successful Bliss House franchise.              

             Our goal and methods are specifically designed to meet the needs of Bliss House and prospective franchisees at all levels in order to effectively prepare franchisees to operate as independent profitable Bliss House franchise.

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For further information on
how to acquire a Bliss House Franchise please contact:  
Mr. Kamal Khalifeh, Franchise Development Director

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