Our Management Team

Bliss House successful management team is behind this successful history, who fought for the prosper and progress of the company in well-organized skills and manners. Bliss house now is divided into many Inseparable departments.

1- Internal Affairs:

  • Executive and operating Management headed by Mr. Yahya khalife. Which consists of the retail management, branches, central kitchen, and purchasing department.
  • Accounting Department which is headed by Mr. Kamal khalife, which also includes a team of skilled and highly experienced, it consists of the invoicing department, billing department and the financing and auditing department.
  • Human resources Management which is headed by Mr. Mohammad khalife.
  • The " I.T " Management sponsored by "software group" (providing equipments, training, softwares)
  • 2- External Affairs:

  • The franchise department headed by Mr. Kamal Khalife