THE OBS Tutorial Series The Basics

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And profile profile lets you control more than one service connection like if you switch profiles you could have one for youtube and one for twitch and just right there you can swap back and forth seeing collection is for all these sources like in my case I have three shows i’ve got no interest in using those resources while I’m doing my normal broadcasts so I can put all the resources for one of those shows and its own scene collection and not use it at all not even have it in my list just you know it’s just there to tidy things up you can use that if you want and that about does it for settings in OBS studio here we will be delving into creating some scenes and sources next time for output this is probably what going to be messin with tvmelayu

The most as you try and setup your stream you’re gonna have to tool around with this try and figure out a good balance for CPU usage I do know people who have successfully streamed on Nvidia encoder and made it look nice you’re gonna have to worry about not exceeding the bitrate you want something that people can watch and generally the higher you go the nicer it looks but the less people can watch it’s not too much of an issue these days but you can’t go above I think it’s six thousand as Twitch’s limits still so don’t go too high but uh if you have

The bandwidth you could go to thirty five hundred or something I think that twenty I think the two thousand to three thousand is a good place to start if you’re not sure and you can see how it goes from there see what it looks like take a good look at your recordings and your broadcast and see how they turn out and you can come in here and tweak these settings until you get a good balance make sure that you’re not getting any error messages by

The way the error message shows up down here this is where you would see the CPU encoder message over here on the right we would have how long we’ve been live how much CPU usage were hidden frame rate how long we were recording good information to have OBS to do has really come along it really as so next time we’ll talk about making scenes thanks for coming