The Ultimate YouTube Tv3 Malaysia Live Streaming Tutorial 2019

The time you should do that that will help you be discovered through youtube search and later on if you release this as a video and it will help youtube suggest your content to potential viewers select that game select that category of course select your language don’t make youtube try to guess what language your content is that will decrease your performance alright there’s a couple promotional features over here you should be aware of okay definitely check to promote through cards when the event is live and definitely check to promote through your channel when this is life okay there are other ways that you can do this here when the event is live you can do before it starts Tv3 Malaysia¬†

And what have you I recommend with stream now only when it’s live with stream now okay and it’ll automatically curate your live stream to the top of your channel to make sure all of that’s checked and allow embedding will allow people to promote your live stream, okay this is where things get a little bit confusing and a little bit technical over here on the right-hand side I almost always recommend that creators enable recording there’s no reason not to record your live stream especially

If you want to refer to it later of course allow for comments and allow people to rate and enable DVR but where there is a decision for you to make is whether you want your live stream to be released later on as a video or not and so this is where you select that if you check this box your live stream will be archived afterwards and be unlisted afterwards so people that have a direct link will be able to see it people that do not have a direct link it will not be released in subscription feeds so you have to make that decision whether to release it to subscription feeds uncheck or not check right here so that’s a big decision for you to make okay down here at the bottom you’re gonna select your latency options low latency is by far the best option it’s very smooth and it allows for better real-time interaction with your audience