Tv3 Malaysia How to Live Stream with a Video Camera or DSLR

And wide but you can also zoom in and I love the ability to be able to have different focal lengths by just being able to reach up right above my monitor here and do that that’s another thousand dollars so already we’re at a three thousand dollar setup to start and one piece of kit that I would recommend is the continuous power solution for the Panasonic gh4 and it actually comes in two pieces you actually buy the battery piece and there’s a little rubber door that opens on the go 5 to let you plug the wire in and then you also by the power supply piece and it’s really expensive if you buy Tv3 Malaysia

The OEM stuff from Panasonic I think together that was another $150 now there is an aftermarket one but for me I was like man I’m already spending a lot of money to buy a camera that’s this nice I don’t want to go cheap on the continuous power that I’m gonna be using for years to come and so this allows it to you don’t need to change batteries it’s just continuously powered whenever I want to just flip it on or off the power is just always plugged in to the wall ok the second piece of gear for this setup is the USB microphone and for that we have the road NT USB now I have a whole video out about this I’ll link it up on

The youtube card as well as in the description below but I wanted a good solution for the desk here and the boom arm was pretty important because one of my goals for this live streaming setup was that it would be quick and easy to just flip on and flip off so in the past I would actually carry a stand-in and out but I realized I just want to be able to sit down you know to turn the camera on open up the software and just get going just get creating content this setup is gonna be used for years to come so I’m probably gonna create over a thousand videos